when to use “lack”, “lack of”

Lack can be noun. It means absence of something needed, or something missing.

For example,

  • There is no lack of talent on this team. (phrase: no lack of)
  • The team has a lack of skill. (phrase: a lack of)
  • He felt the lack of a steady income.
  • A lack of money prevented us from buying a house.

Lack can be verb. It means to be without, to fall short in.

For example,

  • You lack common sense. (= you don’t have common sense, but you need it.)
  • He lacks three votes to win.
  • Nothing lacks but their full agreement. (= Nothing is missing)
  • She will never lack for friends. (phrase: to lack for sth)

Lack is not often used in past tense. In stead, you can say:

  • That’s what has been missing from my life!
  • I’ve always wanted.
  • I really needed this.